Tuesday, May 12, 2009

30:30 Vision

Over the off-season I argued that the Brewers had a reasonable chance to become the 12th team in Major League history to have four 30-home run hitters. After shooting my mouth off like that, I'm obviously going track it and point out the accuracy of my prediction at the most opportune times. Tonight is one of those times. The Brewers currently have four players who are on a 30 home run pace - Braun (39), Weeks (39), Fielder (34), and Cameron (34). J.J. Hardy (25) is just a tad off the pace. Corey Hart (15) and Bill Hall (15) could get back in the game with just a couple of long balls.

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DoroMri said...

The Phillies are now the 12th team in history to have four 30 home run hitters in one season. Raul Ibanez, Ryan Howard, Chase Utley and Jason Werth......GO PHILLIES!!!

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