Thursday, December 10, 2009


The Brewers have rather clearly netted the biggest gains in the free agent market so far, but two other NL Central foes are on their heels.  Here are the top six so far (ranked by that statistically precise statistic, IMO):

  1. Milwaukee Brewers - SP - Randy Wolf, RP - LaTroy Hawkins, C - Gregg Zaun
  2. Houston Astros - RP - Brandon Lyon, 3B - Pedro Feliz, RP - Gery Majewski
  3. New York Yankees - SP - Andy Pettite
  4. St. Louis Cardinals - SP - Brad Penny
  5. Seattle Mariners - 3B - Chone Figgins, OF - Corey Patterson
  6. Texas Rangers - SP - Rich Harden
With Mike Cameron in discussions with the Cubs, the Pirates already signing Bobby Crosby and the Brewers continuing talks with Craig Counsell, it appears that the whole division is looking to upgrade.

There are still a few unsigned players who would vault whichever team signs them immediately to this list (Matt Holliday, John Lackey, Jason Bay), but it appears that no matter what happens from here, the Brewers will come out in the top five.

UPDATE:  Added Gregg Zaun - oversight.

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