Saturday, December 5, 2009

I think we should have a health insurance model in this country that works exactly like the life insurance model does.

  1. If you purchase a health insurance policy, you should be able to keep it forever.  You should be able to keep it regardless of what job you switch to or what state you move to.
  2. When you buy a health insurance policy the insurance companies should be able to price it based on your current health status, but they should not be allowed to drop you if your health status changes.  A life insurance company can't drop your policy if you all of the sudden contract cancer.  A health insurance company shouldn't be able to either.
  3. Like life insurance, health insurance policies should cover individuals - not families.  A parent's policy could cover children until they turn one year old, but that's it.
Under this model there would be a strong incentive for people to buy health insurance when they are very young.  They would be paying for their future health expenses in their early years.  I don't see what the downside would be.

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