Thursday, December 31, 2009


The Milwaukee Brewers have now completed four full decades of play in the Major Leagues.  As this decade comes to a close, people are putting together their best and worst of the decade list for everything, including the Brewers' all-decade team.  But how does this last decade stack up against the other three in Brewers history?

1.  The 1980's
801 Wins, 760 Losses, .513 W/L Pct., six winning seasons, two playoff appearances, one World Series appearance

No surprise here.  The decade of the80's remains the most successful in the club's history.  Despite back-to-back 90 loss seasons in 1984 and 1985, the Brewers still managed to play 41 games over .500 over the 10-year span.

2. The 1990's
742 Wins, 811 Losses, .478 W/L Pct., two winning seasons, no playoff appearances

Quite a drop off, hey.  The Brewers had only 3 different mangers in the 90's - Tom Trebelhorn, Phil Garner, and Jim Lefrebvre (for 49 games) - the least number of any decade.

3.  The 1970's
738 Wins, 873 Losses, .4581 W/L Pct., two winning seasons, no playoff appearances

The expansion/relocation Brewers salvaged the 70's with Bambi's Bombers posting two 90+ win seasons in '78 and '79.

4.  The 2000's
741 Wins, 878 Losses, .4577 W/L Pct., two winning seasons, one playoff appearance

It's true.  Based on regular season success, the 00's have been the worst decade in the history of the team.  If I ranked them subjectively, I would move this decade up to #3 based on the playoff year, however when you look back there were so many dog years in there to that it's hard to rank it any higher.

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