Monday, December 14, 2009

There is a very interesting scenario setting up in the NFC playoffs involving the Packers and the Arizona Cardinals.  As you probably know, the two teams play each other in the last regular season game in Phoenix and the strong possibility exists that the two teams will play each other again the following weekend in the playoffs.  What makes it more interesting is that by the time the final regular season game kicks off, both teams may already know their playoff fates.  The game is a 3:00 CST kickoff.  There are no other games starting that late that could possibly affect the NFC playoff picture.  It's quite possible that by the time the Packers/Cardinals game starts, the two teams will already know for certain that they are facing each other in a playoff game the following week.  Can you imagine a more odd situation for a coach?  You don't want to play any of your top players for fear you could expose them to an injury at the hands of your playoff opponent.  You don't want to show the other team any of your plays.  You don't want them to know your snap cadence, your pass routes, your formations, your coverage schemes, your sideline signals - any of that.  How could you possibly coach a game when you know that the best thing for your team to do would be to forfeit and go home?

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Unknown said...

If the playoff matchup comes about we'll probably be seeing lots of discussion about this as the game approaches. Kind of reminds me of playing suicide chess. It doesn't seem like it would make for a good football game though it might be good theater for a few minutes.

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