Sunday, December 27, 2009


Being on the edge of 50 years old, I'm a little slow on the uptake on the whole Twitter way of communicating.  I follow a number of people there now but have never written a "tweet" of my own.  If you'll indulge me, I'm going to practice here.  In 140 characters or less, these are my top-of-mind tweets on the 2010 Milwaukee Brewers:


Yovanni Gallardo, SP
I am picturing a Javier Vazquez type career.  Hopefully not one that spans so many different teams.  Will be very good but never great.

Randy Wolf, SP
Best bargain of all free agent signings.  Will have more Ws and lower ERA than Lackey.  He's not Jeff Suppan 2.  I mean, he's not - right?

Manny Parra, SP
He is the most complicated player on the team to figure out.  Great talent.  Horrible success.  Needs an up year in '10 or he will be done.

David Bush, SP
Incredibly bad luck in 2009 led to incredibly bad stats.  Teases you with 1-2 outstanding starts per year - up that to 4-5 and he's solid.

Jeff Suppan, SP
Most likely on team to not be on 2011 roster.  Would fare better as a reliever.  Most damage comes from the second time through the order.

Trevor Hoffman, Closer
Will face his biggest battle ever with Father Time.  My guess is he will take a couple of knockdowns but make it to the end of the fight.

Latroy Hawkins, RP
Like that he went to the winter meetings to personally pitch his services.  That's says professionalism to me.  Good plan B if TH gets TKOd.

Todd Coffey, RP
Would probably weigh 350 pounds if he didn't sprint in from the bullpen as often as he does.  Seems incredibly durable.  Good guy to have.

Claudio Vargas, RP
2009: 1.64 ERA in 8 G w/LAD, 1.78 in 28 G w/MIL.  Has never done anything in his career that would have predicted that.  Worth another look.

Carlos Villanueva, RP
Always thought he would be better.  Because he wasn't, he never found a role.  Still doesn't have one.  May never get one.  Not here anyway.

Mitch Stetter, RP
Pitched 6 G in '07, 30 in '08, 71 in '09.  Extrapolate that out and he'll pitch in 130 G in 2010.  WHIP rising but ERA not - ERA may follow.

Chris Narveson, RP/SP
The Brewers just don't have good luck with the St. Louis Cardinals cast offs.  Like him but it's very tempered because of that.  Good # 7 SP

David Riske, RP
I'll avoid the obvious pun.  Had great control early in his career.  If he can get that back he's still got a few solid years ahead of him.


Greg Zaun, C
There are about fifteen decent catchers in the Major Leagues and then a bunch of Greg Zaun's.  The Brewers have one of the Greg Zaun's.

Prince Fielder, 1B
The best hitter who has even worn a Brewer uniform.  There, I said it. Do I have room to say it again?  The best hitter who has ever worn a…

Rickie Weeks, 2B
Still waiting for him to have that breakout season.  Could the sixth time be the charm?  Averaged only 95 games per season in his career.

Alcides Escobar, SS
The REAL deal.  The last young Brewer I had a vibe like this about was Ryan Braun.  Before that was Nelson Cruz.  Before that Paul Molitor.

Casey McGehee, 3B
Most likely player on team to collapse.  2009 was so far outside his career norms, you can't believe he will produce anything close in 2010.

Ryan Braun, LF
If he keeps this production it's hard to imagine he'll not want to renegotiate his contact some day.  Highest valued played in the Majors.

Carlos Gomez, CF
Most value will come from his defense.  If he can turn a double into an out once or twice a week and hit .250 he'll be a valuable addition.

Corey Hart, RF
Two straight downturn seasons when he should be peaking.  RF is now a glaring weakness on team.  We need to be thinking about an upgrade.

Craig Counsell, IF
2009 production was a fluke.  I know I'm in the minority, but I never liked him.  If he weren't from Wisconsin I'll bet you wouldn't either.

Jody Gerut, OF
Older, slower, better power, and better batting eye than Tony Gwynn Jr.  Other than that they're the same.  Oh, yeah - less famous dad too.

Mat Gamel, 3B
See Casey McGehee.  He remains the Brewers top prospect and chances are better than 50/50 that he will be the starting 3B by year end.


Mark Attanasio, Owner
Proving "small market" is just a euphemism for "small payroll."  Thought he'd sell by now.  Wrong - he's in for real.  God bless you, Mark A

Doug Melvin, GM
I've come to where I never believe anything Doug Melvin says.  I think that's a sign of a great GM.  Aren't five others I'd rather have.

Ken Macha, Manager
Um, let's see.  What can I say about Ken Macha?  Thinking…  Give it a minute - I'll come up with something.  I know I will.  Wait for it…


Braden Looper, SP
Transition to SP may earn him $10 mil more in his career than he would have earned otherwise but may end it 5 years earlier than otherwise.

Seth McClung, SP/RP
Not as good as people make him out to be.  Walks up and strikeouts down for two straight years.  When people talk about VAR, he's an R.

Jason Kendall, C
I have a sense that he whined about playing time.  No clue if I'm right.  There were 150 times he should have been pinch hit for though.

J.J. Hardy, SS
Is he really as good looking as people say?  I'm no judge but… never mind.  Too bad.  I had high hopes.  I think he will do well in MIN.

Mike Cameron, CF
I ripped on the Brewers for signing him because of his PED suspension.  I was wrong.  Now, nothing but respect.  He's a very classy player.

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