Tuesday, January 5, 2010


It was a very busy news day in baseball, breaking a long lull.  I have a few quick thoughts:

1. Rory Markas dead at the age of 54

I remember Rory Markus because I remember every Brewers play-by-play announcer.  Nothing in particular stands out about him until now.  I once wanted to be a baseball announcer.  I'm almost 54.  That could be me.  It sends a chill down my spine when some even moderately famous dies at a young age like that.  Prayers to his family and friends.

2.  Matt Holiday signs the rest of his career to the Cardinals

Doesn't Matt Holliday just look like he belongs on the Cardinals?  If I weren't a Brewers fan (or a Yankees fan), I think I'd be a St. Louis Cardinals fan.  I believe they are one of the classiest organizations in sports, their fans are second to none, and they got a very good ball player for a very long time.  Holliday's contract has an option for the year 2017.  2017!

3.  Randy Johnson announces his retirement from baseball

My current fantasy baseball league was formed the year before Randy Johnson debuted as a rookie for the Montreal Expos.  He would break your heart back then.  He'd strike out 15 guys one game and walk 15 the next.  We always said that if he could learn any command of the strike zone that he could turn into a phenomenal pitcher.  He obviously learned.

Finally this...

4.  Mariners close to deal for Casey Kotchman

According to the 2010 Bill James Handbook, the projected starting fielders for next year's Seattle Mariners saved 116 runs last season with their defense alone.  Four of the eight were ranked #1 at their position (Figgins, Wilson, Gutierrez, Johnson - Kotchman was ranked #6 at 1B, Ichiro was #4).  That's about 11 extra wins and 116 fewer runs that the pitching staff gives up by doing nothing different at all.  Look for Felix Hernandez to win the 2010 AL Cy Young and the Mariners to win the AL West because of this.  Nice work, Jack Z.

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