Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Here are the raises being requested by the four arbitration eligible Brewers:

  • Todd Coffey - 206%
  • Carlos Villanueva - 140%
  • Corey Hart - 48%
  • Dave Bush - 11%
Carlos Gomez avoided arbitration by signing for a 151% raise, as did Rickie Weeks for a 12% raise.  Claudio Vargas gets a 125% raise this year.  Craig Counsell will get an extra 110% and Prince Fielder an extra 62% added to their paychecks.  Ryan Braun gets 34%, Trevor Hoffman 33%, and Jody Gerut 13%.

Once the arbitration dust settles, as a group all of the players listed here will cost the Brewers between 43% and 52% more than they did last season.  These are certainly troubled economic times in which we live, aren't they?

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