Thursday, January 28, 2010

The useless, $800 million high-speed rail line between Milwaukee and Madison that we've just been given federal "stimulus" money for - if it stays on budget and can be built for that amount - will cost $157.83 per *inch* to build. The $800 million is enough money to give every man, woman, and child in the state a $142 tax credit, which would stimulate the state economy far more than this albatross ever could.

The projected annual ridership is 872,000 - which is a crock.  Even if everyone who rides it only rides once, that number represents only 15% of the population of Wisconsin.  If the average person who rides it rides 10 times - a more realistic number - it means that less than 2% of the population will ever use it.  Why are we collecting tax from 100% of the people to build something that only 2% will ever use?  Oh that's right - 100% of the people don't pay tax.

The fares are projected to be between $20 and $33.  Take the high end and say it's $33.  Even at the bogus projected ridership, it will take 28 years to collect $800 million in revenue - never mind the daily operating costs.  At $20 per ride, it would take 46 years.  It simply boggles the mind how wasteful government has become.

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