Sunday, February 14, 2010


Here is part two of my tidbit from the 2009 Bill James Handbook leader boards.  This time, the 2009 National League pitching leaders:

  1. Yovanni Gallardo was 3rd in the league behind Clayton Kershaw and Tim Lincecum in opponent batting average at .214.
  2. Doug Davis and Randy Wolf were in a six-way tie for the league lead in games started with 34.  Bradon Looper was also in that mix.
  3. Randy Wolf was tied for the league lead with 16 no-decisions.
  4. Gallardo was 5th in strikeouts and second in walks.  Doug Davis led the league in walks.
  5. Dave Bush led the league with 15 hit batters.
  6. Braden Looper allowed 226 hits - 3rd in the league.  He led the league in home runs allowed with 39.  Next closest was Bronson Arroyo with 31.
  7. Yovanni Gallardo was 3rd in the league in average pitches per start with 106.7.
  8. Gallardo was 5th in stolen bases allowed.
  9. Doug Davis was 2nd in the league with 7 pickoffs.
  10. Gallardo was 3rd in the league in opponent batting average with runners in scoring position - a stingy .176.
  11. Todd Coffey led the NL with 83.2 innings pitched in relief.
  12. Trevor Hoffman was 5th in saves and 4th in save percentage.  He was 2nd in on-base percentage allowed and 3rd in slugging percentage allowed among NL relievers.
  13. Trevor Hoffman was 3rd best in the NL in on-base percentage of first batter faced.  Carlos Villanueva was 6th.
  14. Doug Davis had the 3rd slowest fastball among NL pitchers at 85.1 mph.  He also had the lowest percentage of fastballs thrown at only 25.1%.  The next closest pitcher to that was Bronson Arroyo at 42.3%.
  15. Davis and Randy Wolf each made the top ten in number of pitches thrown less than 80 mph.
  16. Yovanni Gallardo was 4th in the league in percentage of curveballs thrown.

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