Saturday, February 13, 2010


You always find interesting little things scanning through the National League leaders in the Bill James Handbook.  Here are a few:

  1. Prince Fielder was 5th in the NL in 2009 in on-base percentage at .412.
  2. Mike Cameron was 4th in the league in strikeouts.
  3. Prince Fielder was 3rd in intentional walks with 21 but was still way behind league leader Albert Pujols who had 44.
  4. Casey McGehee batted .500 with bases loaded - 8th in the league.  He was 4th in batting average with runners in scoring position at .371.
  5. Ryan Braun was 2nd in slugging percentage against left-handed pitchers.  Prince was 4th in slugging percentage against right-handed pitchers.
  6. Ryan Braun led the National League with 9 steals of third base.  Really?  Wow.
  7. Braun also led the National League with a 1.347 OPS vs. changeups.  Casey McGehee led the league in OPS vs. sliders, and Prince Fielder was 4th in the league in OPS vs. fastballs.
  8. Prince Fielder was 2nd in the league in RBI% at 12.7% (percentage of potential runners driven in, including himself).  Jason Kendall was 7th from last with only 5.2%.
  9. Corey Hart had the 7th longest average home runs in the league at 414 ft. (ahead of Prince and Ryan Braun - neither of whom made the top 10).
I'll do pitchers tomorrow.

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