Tuesday, March 9, 2010


In discussing the Brewers backup catcher situation, Anthony Witrado finished this afternoon's blog post with this tidbit:

"Kottaras has shown pop in his bat and is clearly the more offensive-minded of the two, but Treanor has been the better defensive player, showing off a good arm and an ability to block balls in the dirt, which Macha, a former catcher, appreciates.

"The manager wouldn't put one guy ahead of the other at this point because he is waiting to see the kind of catcher Zaun will be during spring training and then he'll select his back-up as Zaun's complement. So if Zaun shows to be a hitter this spring, chances are Treanor gets the nod. If Zaun proves to be more defensive, then it could be Kottaras."
Are you kidding me?  Gregg Zaun has been playing professional baseball for 20 years.  He has nearly 4,000 plate appearances in the Majors and 8,000 innings in the field.  If you don't know what kind of player he's going to be by now you're just plain dense.

I am seriously hoping that this was something Witrado made up to fill space in his article (likely) rather than something that Ken Macha actually said.


According to Brew Beat, here is what Macha actually said:
"They each give you a little bit different look, Kottaras, watching him take [batting practice], he's got pretty sizeable power when he gets hold of one and he's a left-handed hitter, which is nice to have. ... Treanor, I really like the way he throws the ball and blocks the ball in the dirt. So you've got two kind of different styles, or what they bring to the table is a little different.

"I want to take a look and see what Zaun does as the spring goes on.  That may be a determining factor. I'm open if a guy goes out there and is head and shoulders above everybody."

I wouldn't have had the same take away from that as Witrado did, but in his defense, I have no idea WTF Ken Macha is talking about.

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