Sunday, March 21, 2010


It's been a while since I've lit the In-Between Hops vigil.  Ned Yost was the last time I believe.  But now seems like an appropriate time to light it again.  With the other options available to them, I do not see how the Brewers can justify keeping Jeff Suppan on the team.

It's sad in a way because his baseball eulogy will read well.  He is, by every indication, an outstanding individual who gives back to his community.  Perhaps there is a future for him on a coaching staff, in a broadcast booth, or front office.  Or perhaps too, the $60 million he earned as a player - 70% of which came from the Brewers, the team to which he gave about 10% of his production - will allow him to carry on comfortably from here. But his career as a baseball player is in its waning days.

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