Friday, March 12, 2010


The official Bud Selig Major League advisory committee is floating an idea for realigning the divisions every year "based on geography, payroll, and their perceptions of whether they were contending teams."  It's been a long time since I've heard a more stupid proposal - even out of this group.

Can you imagine a team saying to its fans, "Uhmm, yeah - we don't think we're going to be any good this year so we're going to go over and play in the division with the Yankees and Red Sox so we can be slapped around even more than we would have been otherwise."  How defeatist is that?

If Major League baseball is going to sit down every winter and realign the divisions based on who they think is going to win or lose, what's the point of playing the season anyway?  If you are going to pair the Yankees up every year with a bunch of non-contending teams, how many games are they going to win? 150?  Why would the Yankees even want that? Realign every year based on geography?  What - that's going to change?  The city of Cleveland is moving to Arkansas?

This committee is going to be a complete waste of time and resources if this is the best stuff they can come up with.  If they want to tackle realignment, maybe they should start with the people in the mirror.

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