Monday, March 1, 2010


I find it interesting that the Brewers will start Jeff Suppan in the exhibition opener on Thursday.

The more I study the roster and read reports out of spring training, the more I feel that Suppan is going to be the odd man out when the Brewers break camp.  Gallardo, Wolf, and Davis are locks for the rotation.  Manny Parra is too valuable of a commodity to not keep in the rotation.  Dave Bush is five years younger and despite a bad-luck bloated ERA, is a better pitcher than Jeff Suppan.  Chris Narveson is showing enough promise that he may even have an inside track on Suppan.  The bullpen is already crowded without him.

I wonder if a small part of why Jeff Suppan is pitching so early in the rotation this spring is so that the Brewers can just get this over with - determine that he just isn't good enough to make the team (if it hasn't been decided already); cut him and move on.

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