Tuesday, April 13, 2010


This is just speculation on my part.

Jim Edmonds has now started more games in the outfield (6) than either Corey Hart (3) or Carlos Gomez (5).  And it's not like he's tearing it up and forcing Macha's hand.  After yesterday's game, Edmonds is hitting just .200 with one extra base hit - a double.

There was a good article written about Edmonds late in Spring Training (by Witrado to give credit where it is due) about his difficulty leaving his home life and coming back to baseball - not being there for the kids, blah, blah.  There was even speculation in the article that if at some point this wasn't working out for him that he would pack it up and go back home.  Then there were those few days at the end of camp where he left to attend to  "an urgent family matter."

I'm wondering if all of the playing time that Edmonds is getting early in the season is an effort by Macha to reacclimate him to the game - make him feel a part of the team.  I wonder if there's fear in Macha's mind that if Edmonds wasn't playing regularly, that he would start having second thoughts about being here at all.

UPDATE:  A couple of people have pointed out that Edmonds has started only 5 games in the outfield and not 6.  I stand corrected on that and thank them for reading.

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