Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Wow.  I wrote a few days ago not to worry yet about Trevor Hoffman.  Now I'm worried.  This is unprecedented. Hoffman has given up 12 earned runs in 8 games including runs allowed two of his three saves.  He's never done that before in his career.  Since his rookie year in 1993, the most he's given up in a season was 24.  He's got half of that already.  When this happens to a 42-year old ballplayer, it should sound huge alarms in the organization.

I've said before that I think Carlos Villanueva would be an effective closer in the Majors.  If you gave his stats this year to Trevor Hoffman, the Brewers would have three more wins than they do.  If the Brewer find themselves in a save situation today, I would give the ball to Carlos.  We need another option.  I'm very worried that this is not going to get better.

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