Monday, April 19, 2010


In my fantasy league, we use a simple formula for starting pitchers that gives them 1 point for each 1/3 IP and K, and subtracts 1 for each H, R, ER, and BB.  A win is worth 3 points, a loss -2, and then there are small bonuses for complete games, shutouts and high strikeout totals.  Based on this formula's average points per game, the top five starters in the Majors right now, in order are:

Rank Pitcher Record ERA
1st Adam Wainwright 3-0 1.50
2nd Matt Garza 3-0 0.75
3rd Roy Halliday 3-0 1.12
4th Tim Lincecum 3-0 0.90
5th Livan Hernandez 2-0 0.00

So, the formula does a pretty good job of sorting things out.

Here are the rankings of the five Brewers starters right now:

Rank Pitcher Record ERA
75th Dave Bush 0-0 3.86
84th Randy Wolf 1-1 4.91
102nd Yovani Gallardo 0-2 5.50
111th Jeff Suppan 0-0 7.20
142nd Doug Davis 0-1 11.25

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