Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Al rambled about whether the Brewers' bullpen is being overworked.  His perceptions are (as usual) mainly on the mark.

Through yesterday's games the Brewers starting pitchers are averaging 5.4 innings per outing.  This ranks 25th in the Majors.  By comparison, the Cardinals lead the Majors with 6.5 innings per start.  That extra inning+ per game means keeping an extra guy fresh for tomorrow and over time that adds up.

Last year the Brewers also averaged 5.4 innings per start (5.37 to be precise) so nothing much has changed.

Interestingly though, of the five teams that rank below the Brewers:

Mets - 5.3 IP/start
Nationals - 5.3
Dodgers - 5.2
Tigers - 5.2
Pirates - 4.9

three having winning records, and as a group they are 4 games over .500.

However, the top of the chart is:

Cardinals - 6.5 IP/start
Rays - 6.4
Phillies - 6.3
Giants - 6.2
Twins - 6.2

so there is clearly a correlation between this stat and wins.

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