Sunday, June 20, 2010


George Kottaras is the starting catcher today in Colorado.  It's the 4th straight game start by Randy Wolf that Kottaras has caught.  At the end of May, the plan was for Johnathan Lucroy to be Wolf's personal catcher, however when the two appeared unsynchronized, the switch was made to Kottaras.

I have never liked the practice of a pitcher having his own personal catcher and especially don't like this match up.  Randy Wolf's ERA, albeit in only 12 innings, is 1.50 when Lucroy is his catcher.  Lucroy has been hitting extremely well and Wolf hasn't been pitching particularly well so he could use all of the offensive help he can get.

Plus, Randy Wolf is going to be around another two years.  From all appearances, Lucroy will be as well.  The two have got to learn to work together at some point.

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