Sunday, June 20, 2010


I took a look at Ben Sheet's game logs this morning.  On the season, Sheets is 2-7 with a 4.95 ERA.  However, except for a couple of blow-up games around the end of April in which he gave up 8 and 9 earned runs, he hasn't pitched all that poorly.  Throw those two games out and his ERA is 3.49.

Here are the scores of the A's games that Sheets has pitched at the point when he was taken out of the game (A's score first, then their opponent, then Sheet's IP):

0-3, 5 IP
1-3, 6
5-0, 6
0-2, 6
4-8, 4
1-9, 3-1/3
3-2, 6-1/3
1-1, 6
3-4, 6-2/3
0-0, 6
3-3, 7
3-4, 6
0-4, 6
1-5, 6
1-4, 7

In 9 of Ben Sheet's 15 starts, the A's offense failed to score more than 1 run while Sheets was in the game.

In total, the A's are averaging 3.6 runs per game (whole game) on the days when Ben Sheets pitches, which is a full run per game under the league average and half a run worse than the A's themselves score when anybody else pitches.

Funny how those things follow people around.

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