Thursday, June 3, 2010


I am baffled by the people who do not want instant replay used in baseball.  To say that you prefer to have the 'human element' kept in the game is to say that what happened to Armando Gallaraga last night was proper and just.

We don't accept human error in any other walk of life when there is a better, non-human process to fix it.  If you deposit $1,000 in your bank account and the teller misses a zero and only credits you $100, you don't accept that and say, "Oh well, that's how life is - people make mistakes", when you have the canceled check in your hand as proof.  You don't complain that it will slow down your day to go back and get the other $900.

Bud Selig should right this wrong, change the play to an out, and announce that baseball will take steps to prevent this sort of thing from happening again.  If Major League Baseball overturns the call and credits Galarraga with his perfect game, ten years from now nobody is going to say that his perfect game was somehow tainted because an ump's call had to be overturned and that he really didn't throw a perfect game.  If they let the call stand however, ten years from now people will still say that the ump blew it and Galarraga got screwed.

Actually, there is a way for Jim Joyce to save face on this.  He should make a statement to Bud Selig that umpires need to be able to use all available technology to do their jobs in the most accurate manner possible.  He should lead the charge - an umpire.  What a strong statement that would be.

UPDATE 6/4:  What a classy move last night by Armando Galarraga, Jim Joyce, the Tigers organization and Tigers' fans. Long after this season ends, more people will remember that Galarraga almost threw a perfect game than that Dallas Braden actually did.

I still think it rather spineless of Bud Selig to not set it straight.  You can say it would have been a can of worms, but the last out of a perfect game is a far different worm than any of the others before it.

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