Thursday, July 8, 2010


Renderings of the new scoreboard at Miller Park next year look amazing.  The thing is going to be huge!  Very impressive.  Very nice addition to the fan experience.

Now, before a single keystroke is typed on the operator's computer, let me give you my wish list for the new scoreboard:

  1. Show more replays.  Seriously.  I see no reason why every single play can't be quickly replayed on the scoreboard for the benefit of those who might have been looking away or had their view blocked by another fan or part of the stadium.
  2. Periodically show the scores from all other games - maybe once an inning.  The small scoreboard in left field can not be seen by many of the seats in Miller Park.
  3. Did I mention showing more replays?
  4. Show an in game box score in addition to just the batting order.  Even putting something like "1-2, HR 2 RBI" after a player's name is better than nothing.
  5. Fantasy stats.  You know you want them.  Every couple of innings post the day's fantasy leaders from around baseball.  Everyone who's hit a home run, driven in more than one run, won a game, saved a game, struck out a bunch.
  6. Tell us who's warming up in the bullpen - every time; not just now and then.
  7. Plays of the day.  I don't know if the Major League Baseball gestapo will allow this, but it would be neat to see highlights from other games before you get home and watch them on ESPN.
  8. Show scores and highlights from the Brewers minor league affiliate teams.  Let's promote some of the prospects before they get here.
  9. And one final thing.  How about more replays?  There's no reason to have such a high quality, high definition scoreboard unless you are going to use it for actual video.  Let's do this right.  Replay every single play.  And the good ones maybe 2-3 times. 
[More...  Somebody just emailed me and said that they should show the live TV broadcast continuously on the board.  You can't do that.  First of all it would be distracting for the hitters to have video playing in their peripheral view while they're batting, and second you would be allowing the hitter to see the catcher's signs.]


    crichar3 said...

    You know what would be really cool? If they showed more replays--like after every play...

    Kidding aside, they do a horrible job of this at Miller Park. It would be a shame to invest $10MM in a new board and not use it to the max. Too often I miss things for exactly the reasons you mention.

    Anonymous said...

    What you want is the scoreboard (and other board) situation that they have at Target Field. There's a board over the bullpens that shows pitcher statistics and lists what pitchers are warming up. They show lots of stats on the main board and usually do have a "plays of the day" show between innings.

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