Wednesday, July 7, 2010


John Dewan's Stat of the Week this week ranks all Major League teams on defensive runs saved - a method which analyzes many aspects of defense and estimates how many runs above or below average the defense results in.  As of the time of the posting (which I assume was before last night's debacle), the Brewers were ranked dead last in the ML at -28 runs.

If that estimate is accurate, the Brewers are about 3 games worse in the standings right now than they would be if they had average Major League defense.  Those three games are the difference between still having a glimmer of hope for the post-season and having no hope at all.

Every one of the nine field positions has a negative score for the Brewers in Dewan's system.  They are the only team for which that is true.  Dewan singles out Ryan Braun and Rickie Weeks as the two players contributing most to the low score.

ERRATUM:  The Brewers are actually +4 in center field, so they're not negative at every position.  My bad.  Still, that's interesting because center field is the only position where they don't have a regular starter.  It's been mostly Jim Edmonds and Carlos Gomez, but Jody Gerut also has five starts in center and Adam Stern one.  The longest stretch of games with the same starting center fielder has been only 10 by Gomez during the time Edmonds was on the DL.

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