Saturday, July 10, 2010


If the Brewers do wind up trading Prince Fielder, I wouldn't ignore the option of moving Ryan Braun to first base.  He's played third base (albeit brutally) so he should still have some comfort level in the infield.  It would allow the Brewers to improve their defense in the outfield as Braun is currently a liability there.  We really don't have a quality first baseman waiting in the wings in the minors, so it solves that problem.  Maybe Lorenzo Cain will be ready next season and we move Gomez over to left (if he ever proves himself worthy of a starting spot.)  Or maybe we pick up another outfielder in a trade or through free agency.  Or Maybe Rickie Weeks (another defensive liability) goes out to left and Brett Lawrie comes up.  I don't know - just some thoughts.  It makes you think about it a little differently though.

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crichar3 said...

How about Corey Hart to First? It's is native position, after all.

I think the best spot for Gomez is on somebody else's roster.

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