Thursday, August 12, 2010


Casey McGehee has gotten a hit in each of his last nine at-bats.  The Major League record for consecutive hits is 12 by Pinky Higgins of the Red Sox in 1938 and Walt Dropo of the Detroit Tigers in 1952.

Higgins streak included two walks and therefore spanned a total of 14 plate appearances.  So if you were wondering if the streak can be snapped by a walk, it can not.  Dropo's streak was 12 consecutive hits in 12 plate appearances.

McGehee is currently batting .285, which means there is slightly better than a 1 in 4 chance he will get a hit in his next at bat.  And in his next.  And in his next.  The probability that McGehee will get a hit in each of his  next three at bats is 1 in 43 (2.3%).  The chance that he will get four more consecutive hits and set a new Major League record is 1 in 151 (0.66%).

Apart from today and yesterday, McGehee has had two other 4-hit games in his career.  In each of those two instances, he had a 3-hit game either the game immediately prior or the game immediately after, meaning  that this is the third time he has gotten 7 or more hits in consecutive games.

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