Wednesday, September 22, 2010


The Brewers defeated the Cincinnati Reds for only the second time this season against nine losses.

All else being the same, if the Brewers had gone 9-2 against the Reds thus far instead of 2-9, the NL Central standings would look like this right now:

Cincinnati 79 74 0.516 --
Milwaukee 77 74 0.510 1
St. Louis 77 74 0.510 1
Houston 73 79 0.480 5-1/2
Chicago 69 82 0.457 9
Pittsburgh 53 98 0.351 25

It is critically important that you beat the teams you are contending with in your division. They are not 'just like any other game'. They are the games that will make or break your season.

Friday, September 10, 2010


Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports quotes Albert Pujols as saying of Manager Tony LaRussa, whose contact expires after this season:

“I hope he can continue to be my manager for the rest of my career,” Pujols said. “But that’s not my job, and I don’t make those decisions. I think this city should be appreciative of the things he has accomplished in his 15 years as manager in this organization. Hopefully, he’ll be here next year and for the rest of my career.”
Prince Fielder for Albert Pujols???

Tony LaRussa as the new Brewers manager???


Cardinals get four years younger at 1B without a huge step down in production.  They appease Colby Rasmus; one of their bright young stars.  They probably get an extra player or two in the deal such as Manny Parra, Chris Narveson, Mat Gamel, or Carlos Gomez.  The Brewers get - well... Tony LaRussa and Albert Pujols.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


I wonder if it's in the Brewers best interest to have Chris Capuano in the starting rotation right now.  If my understanding is correct he's a free agent after this season.  Are we wasting starts showcasing a pitcher that some other team is probably going to sign?  Starts that we could be giving to a pitcher who we know will be here next year?  There's no way he'll be rated as a Type A or Type B free agent (I wouldn't think) so we aren't going to get a thing for him if he leaves.  With a couple more good starts he could get his ERA under 4.00 and as a veteran lefty, could potentially have some significant value on the open market.

On the other hand, by pitching him now, you can see what he's got.  And if you like what you see and are willing to take a chance on him given his injury history, you have the opportunity to offer him a modestly priced contract for next season before he declares free agency.  You'd present him with the 'bird in the hand' dilemma. Maybe he'd bite.

On the other hand, he might see that as a sign that he does indeed have some value and it might encourage him to test the open waters.

On the other hand, if he were looking for a team where he would have the greatest opportunity to sneak into a spot on next year's starting rotation, he really doesn't have to look too far.

If I were Ken Macha (and thank God I'm not), I don't know who I would be pitching right now if not Capuano; so I guess it's OK.  But I've got to believe that the Brewers think he's got a future here beyond this year, because if they don't he shouldn't be in the rotation.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Pete Rose had 4,256 hits in his career; more than any other player.  There have been only 191 other players who have at least half as many hits as Pete Rose.

Barry Bonds is the Major League career leader in home runs with 762.  There are only 59 other players in history who have hit half that many.

Cy Young has 511 career wins - a record that has stood for 100 years and may stand for 100 more.  There are only 39 other pitchers in history who have half as many wins.

Trevor Hoffman is the Major League career leader in saves, earning his milestone 600th tonight.  There are only 20 other pitchers in the history of the game who have half as many saves as Trevor Hoffman.

And perhaps only that many too who have half as much class.

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