Friday, September 10, 2010


Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports quotes Albert Pujols as saying of Manager Tony LaRussa, whose contact expires after this season:

“I hope he can continue to be my manager for the rest of my career,” Pujols said. “But that’s not my job, and I don’t make those decisions. I think this city should be appreciative of the things he has accomplished in his 15 years as manager in this organization. Hopefully, he’ll be here next year and for the rest of my career.”
Prince Fielder for Albert Pujols???

Tony LaRussa as the new Brewers manager???


Cardinals get four years younger at 1B without a huge step down in production.  They appease Colby Rasmus; one of their bright young stars.  They probably get an extra player or two in the deal such as Manny Parra, Chris Narveson, Mat Gamel, or Carlos Gomez.  The Brewers get - well... Tony LaRussa and Albert Pujols.

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