Friday, October 1, 2010


Casey McGehee and Corey Hart each collected their 100th RBI on the season last night giving the Brewers three players who have reached that total.  This is the third time the the Brewers have had 3-100 RBI players on the team.  The first was in 1979 when Gorman Thomas, Cecil Cooper and Sixto Lezcano accomplished the feat.  The last before this year was of course 1982 when four players topped the 100 RBI mark (Cooper, Yount, Thomas and Oglivie).

In the context of all of baseball, having three or more 100 RBI guys is not particularly uncommon.  It's happened 131 times since 1901 - a little more than once per season.  Four 100 RBI hitters has been accomplished 25 times.  The 1936 New York Yankees had 5-100 RBI hitters - the current Major League record.

The 1997 Cleveland Indians and 2003 Boston Red Sox each had 3-100 RBI guys on the team yet the team leader had only 105.  That is the record for fewest RBIs by the team leader on a teams with three or more 100 RBI hitters.  Right now, the Brewers leader is Ryan Braun with 103.  They still have a chance at that record.

Noticeably absent from the Brewers list is Prince Fielder who led all of Major League baseball with 141 RBI last season.

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