Sunday, October 31, 2010


Tom Haudricourt has been blogging for four straight days that the Brewers haven't made a decision yet in their search for a new manager.  It's coming across as bitterness for being scooped.  You see, Tom, first you make a decision, then you negotiate, and if that works out you make an announcement - but not during the World Series lest you suffer the wrath of Bud.

"I just made contact with Valentine and he said he had not heard from the Brewers" - TH

You think?  Did you ever hear of agents?

The Brewers know who they want.  They obviously aren't saying just yet in case the negotiations don't work out.  All indications are the Bobby Valentine is who they want.  I think that would be a very good choice.  He is the anti-Ken Macha.  I liked Ken Macha, but if your going to fire your manager it seems to make most sense to bring in someone totally different.

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