Monday, November 1, 2010


Steve Garczynski on Bernie's Crew Blog:

In-Between Hops likes the choice of Bobby Valentine since he’s the Anti-Macha. A lot was made this year that 60-year-old Ken Macha was too slow and conservative for this team, so it makes sense to replace the old man with the energetic 60-year-old Valentine.
I would point out to Mr. Garczynski that Chuck Norris and Congressman Barney Frank are also the same age. Similar personalities too.  Probably wouldn't even be that much difference in how they would run a baseball team.


Steve said...

Just saw your post from a couple weeks ago. That comment about the age difference wasn't directed at your blog, just the general idea floating around that Macha was an old man that couldn't connect with players.

It's all a moot point now that they have a spry 54-year-old at the helm.

Scott Segrin said...

No big deal - I was just being a smart ass.

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