Wednesday, November 10, 2010


A report in the New York Daily News on Monday mentions the Brewers as a possible suitor for Cliff Lee.  I'm not sure why the local media isn't picking up on this (well, actually I do know why...) or why there hasn't been more talk of it.  With Jeff Suppan and Bill Hall's salaries finally clearing the books it seems that the Brewers would be in a position financially to at least throw their hat in the ring.

I know - Jeff Suppan, Randy Wolf, Doug Davis...  Yes, free agent pitchers are risky and a lot of the big signings don't work out.  But some of them do.  No team needs a top caliber starter right now more than the Brewers.  Signing Cliff Lee would immediately make them a top contender in the NL Central.  Do they want to win or are they afraid to lose?

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