Sunday, June 12, 2011

One Less Fielder

According to "sources", Major League Baseball is considering realignment, moving one team from the National League to the American League to balance the two leagues at 15 teams each.  I have written previously that I think this is a good idea and much needed to right an inequity in that the teams in a 4-team division have an easier time making the playoffs than team in a 6-team division.  The inequity would be exagerated if a second wild card team was added.

The Houston Astros and Florida Marlins are mentioned as teams that could potentially move.  However many commenters are suggesting that the Brewers move back to the American League - from whereat they originally came.  Personally, I would welcome that move.

But the point I want to raise is this:  Suppose this idea gets some legs and Major League Baseball does decide to move an NL team to the AL.  And suppose the Brewers are chosen as the team to move.  Doesn't that shed an entirely different light on the attempt to resign Prince Fielder?  An American League Brewers team, needing a designated hitter, would have a much greater use for a slugger like Fielder than a National League team would.  In fact, having Fielder on the roster makes the Brewers perhaps better suited to the American League.  If the Brewers lose Fielder to an AL team through free agency, they are hurt more if they move than if they stay in the NL.

The Brewers would benefit from the realignment regardless because they will have one fewer teams in their division.  But should they not only support the move, but lobby to be the team that goes?  Maybe say to Major League Baseball in so many words, "Look, if we can sign Prince, we'll volunteer to move."

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