Friday, July 29, 2011

Save a Closer

A discussion with myself...

ME:  Don't you think Ron Roenicke ought to avoid using Francisco Rodriguez in the 8th inning EVERY TIME there is a save situation?  He and Axford have now pitched three consecutive days.  If you he used someone else in the 8th inning one of those games, he'd have a fresh closer for today.

ME:  Yeah, but if he had used someone other than K-Rod in the 8th, they might have lost one of those games.  After all, isn't that why we got K-Rod - because we didn't have a reliable 8th inning setup guy who could get the games to Ax?  It's better to use a guy today when you ARE ahead, to maximize your chances of winning, than save him for tomorrow when you MIGHT be ahead, because you might not need him then.

ME:  Yeah, I guess you're right.

ME:  I usually am.

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