Saturday, August 20, 2011

Subtraction by Addition

Rumor is that the Philadelphia Phillies may be trying to swing a deal for Jim Thome.  The current Twins slugger would serve in a pinching hitting role down the stretch and would DH in the World Series should the Phillies make it that far.

Umm... shouldn't Doug Melvin be all over that?  ...trying to swing that same deal for us?  Wouldn't it seem that the Brewers would match up much better in an NLCS against the Phillies if Jim Thome played for us rather than playing for them?

By any of the various calculations online, the Brewers chance of winning the NL Central are well over 90%.  It's time to start looking ahead.

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crichar3 said...

I'm not saying this isn't an idea that could have some merit. However, looking that far ahead makes me uncomfortable. It's the sort of thinking that will cloud their focus and make that 90% chance of reading the post season dwindle to nothing. I'd rather than they focused on playing good, wining baseball. That will take them where they want to go, both now and into the post-season.

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