Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Batting Race Chart

Here is a chart that shows almost all of the possible combinations of at bats in tonight's game for Ryan Braun and Jose Reyes, and who would win the batting title in each outcome.

(Click for larger view)

UPDATE:  I suppose it's appropriate the the cells in this chart for Jose Reyes - who left this afternoon's game after going 1 for 1 on a bunt single - are all shaded in pink.

Braun needs 3 hits in his first 4 at bats.  Then he too can leave the game for the purpose of securing the batting title.

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Doug Reed said...

That's a cheap move on the Mets' part. May the headless ghost of Ted Williams haunt Reyes for the rest of his days. (Or Braun goes 3-for-4.)

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