Monday, December 5, 2011


Just changing sports for a minute here...  I've been saying this all fall and I stand by it - going 16-0 in the regular season is a bigger deal than winning the Super Bowl.

Someone wins the Super Bowl every year.  But only two teams in the last 60 years have won every regular season game.

Try this little quiz...

Who was the only team to win every regular season game and go on to win the Super Bowl, completing a perfect season?

Who is the only other team to win every regular season game but then lose in the Super Bowl?

Which team beat them in the Super Bowl?

Which team won the Super Bowl the next year after that?

Or the year before that?

For the average fan, those questions get progressively harder.

Everyone remembers the perfect season.  It is much more rare and therefore a greater accomplishment than a Super Bowl win.  Even if the Packers clinch the #1 seed in the NFC, if they are in a position to play for a perfect regular season it would be a huge mistake to bench their starters and jeopardize that opportunity.

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