Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Milwaukee's Journal Sentinel, Inc. will soon begin charging a fee for its JSOnline site.  I am assuming that this will cover all content under the JSOnline banner including Tom Haudricourt's blog and the Bernie's Crew blog with Jim Breen and the bunch.

I am very fickle about paying for web content.  There is so much free content out there that I can usually find what I'm looking for without needing my PalPay password, but I think I would miss my daily stop at these two sites.  Haudricourt is obviously very connected with things inside the Brewers organization and in the volume of Bernie's Crew writings you almost always find something worth while.

[I should note that Tom Haudricourt did an outstanding job covering the Ryan Braun saga in its initial days.  For the first 24-48 hours he was the go-to source for breaking information.]

So will I pay the J$Online fee?  I guess I'll give it a shot and see what I get.  I am expecting (lilsten to this JSOnline!!!) to be inundated with way fewer ads if I'm paying for the site.  Especially the ones that fly up in my face over the top of what I am reading.

I am also hoping that some of the adolescent trolls that post in the comments section of articles will go away too.  I would put the average age of the people who post in there right now at about twelve.  Or should I describe them in terms of their average IQ?

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