Friday, December 9, 2011

Sweet Grapes

In support of my argument yesterday that the Brewers should be trying to shop John Axford, here are the Major League leaders in saves since 2005:

1Francisco Rodriguez277
2Mariano Rivera267
3Francisco Cordero253
4Jose Valverde224
5Jonathan Papelbon219
6Joe Nathan216
7Trevor Hoffman208
8Brian Fuentes195
9Brad Lidge193
10Huston Street178
35John Axford71
39Derrick Turnbow65

For Rodriguez, that total of course includes the second half of last season when he got a grand total of zero.

Did you also know that Rodriguez is only one year older than John Axford?

What the Brewers have on their roster right now is one of the elite closers in the game and the league leader in saves last season.  And it's two different guys.  Given Axford's pre-arbitration contract status, it would seem that he would be the more valuable commodity on the open market.  If the Brewers could land a quality setup guy and a solid AAA prospect third baseman (which there happen to be a glut of at the moment), it would be foolish not to make the deal.  To think that Rodriguez should be nothing more than a setup guy is foolish also.  It's a waste of his talent.

So why the headline?  When you wind up not getting something that you really wanted and then after the fact claim that you didn't want it anyway, it's called 'sour grapes.'  So if you wind up getting something that you didn't really want but then after the fact realize how good it really is, it's called what?

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