Friday, March 9, 2012

Jenkins or Hart

I posed this question at dinner tonight (without researching anything):  Who is better, Geoff Jenkins or Corey Hart?

I looked it up. Jenkins - 11 seasons, 19.3 WAR, 1.8 WAR per season. Hart - 8 seasons, 14.5 WAR, 1.8 WAR per season. That from bbref - includes D. Jenkins career range factor 2.10, Hart 2.15 - they're equals in the field. Hart just looks like kind of a clod so you have the perception that Jenkins was better. Jenkins hit a wall when he turned 30. Hart turns 30 in two weeks (while on the DL). It is a good question.

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Unknown said...

Since they are now both retired, who had the better career? Hart or Jenkins.

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